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Doctors… Who needs them?

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Well the honest answer to that question is, “We do!” which might surprise you, but let’s start at the beginning.

The problem with the image of “Doctor” nowadays has become distorted. They have been elevated to an almost demi-god state, where people believe everything they say as truth and will only do things their doctors recommend. Which sounds all well and good, but lets keep a few things in mind when we talk about doctors.

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First of all doctors, like you and I, are just people. They are not perfect and they do make mistakes.

Secondly doctors need to make money, just like we do, it’s part of their job. This does not mean that they became a doctor for the money, some did, so keep that in mind.

Thirdly most doctors did not in all their years of schooling take a class on nutrition. This may sound surprising, but it is true! Unless your doctor has DO, DC, or ND after their name, chances are they did not take any classes in nutrition, so keep this in mind when you ask your questions. Just like you would not ask your auto mechanic how to fix your fridge, doctors have specialties too!

Forth doctors receive kickbacks for prescribing specific drugs and for giving vaccines. No this is not evil and don’t get angry at your doctor, this is business. Doctors have bills to pay too! Now if someone came up to you and told you, “If you can get a bunch of your friends to buy XYZ laundry detergent, I will send you and your family to Hawaii!” You’d probably do it, and is that wrong? No. So keep that in mind in reference to doctors. So the problem is not how they get kickbacks more than it is who they are getting their info from.

Enter drug reps. A lot of drug reps are college students, with no formal training in medicine. Drug reps make money (most of the time) based on percentage of sales. You didn’t know this was a business lesson did you? So usually they get paid by getting doctors to prescribe their product over another and they are the ones with the power to offer kickbacks. Did you ever notice that almost everything in a doctors’ office has the name of some kind of drug on it? Clip boards, pens, tissue boxes… everything. Well that is because the drug companies are marketing their product to you, just like Coca Cola, Nike, or any other name brand out there!

So drug reps are told all about the drug they are selling BY the company that produces the drug. They in turn use this information to sell doctors on using the drug. So keep in mind, unless you have one of those doctors who will research things on his own (yes they are hard to find, but they are out there), then the only thing the doctor is going to know about a particular drug is what the drug rep told him! It would be impossible for him to know all the ins and outs of every drug, especially since they are always coming out with new drugs. This is why magazines have ads for new drugs in them, because there is no way that drug reps can get to all the doctors, so they have started going directly to you, and once you see the ad you think, “Hey I wonder if that would fix my XYZ problem?” so now you take the name of that drug and ask your doctor for it. It’s genius marketing but here’s the problem:

The only person in charge of your health and wellbeing is YOU!

Doctors do not know it all (they can’t!) and drug reps peddle drugs with information only from the company that produced it. So who is there for you… no one. Yes I know that is really scary, but if something bad ever happened to you because of a doctor or a drug, who do you hear from? A lawyer. And if it’s bad enough, they send you a check. Now this sounds mean, evil, and bad, but when you start looking at healthcare as a business and doctors as people and drug reps as employees, it makes sense. Doctors have too many patients to be concerned for your individual health, that is not mean, that is just a fact. SO it’s time for us as people to realize that if you want something done, we need to do it ourselves.

Take your health back into your own hands! Don’t expect your doctor to do it for you! This doesn’t mean don’t go to a doctor, this means, use your doctor for things you cannot do.

Break a bone… go see a doctor!

Need Stitches… go see a doctor!

Have a cold… treat it at home.

Have an ear infection… treat it at home.

Have a fever… treat it at home.

YES you can treat those things (and many more things) at home. Doctors used to be the person you called when it was an emergency or you had tried everything else, but now people take their kids to the ER for a fever! What have we lost?!? Now we have a bunch of over worked doctors, constantly prescribing anti-biotics, just to get you out of their hair. It’s time to step out of the box and realize that your (and your children’s) health is in YOUR hands. And with a little knowledge you can be VERY capable. And that is what I want to help you with, because I had to learn all this myself (and that is another article in itself).

Are you ready to take your health back into your own hands?

What is your biggest fear?

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  1. Imelda

    Another great topic and input…with truth. Thanks. This is so encouraging.
    Thank you God, for Sarah. :) Bless her and keep her and her family. :)

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